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Experiences in Cartagena

31 Dic 2018

Have you ever stayed in a place where you feel so comfortable that you don't feel like leaving there? It happened to me in Cartagena, at the Varanasi Hotel, I felt so comfortable that sometimes I hesitated between going out to explore the city or staying at the Hotel. Then I remembered that part of the local life in Cartagena consists of taking advantage of the days of sun, beach, and Caribbean breezes. If your next destination is Cartagena, I invite you to stay at the Varanasi Hotel, it has everything to make your vacation perfect make your stay an incredible experience and have the best service.

(605) 693 8084
310 839 9207

Crespo, Calle 70 No. 5 - 69 / Cartagena de Indias - Colombia